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The Top 7… weirdest music games ever

You thought we’d only be talking about ‘80s rock stars and internationally renowned pop groups? Oh no, not when a game exists where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart thwarts a conspiracy to dethrone the emperor of Prague!

In what looks like a point-and-click adventure, the reliably over-the-top trailer promises heart-racing murder, conspiracy and more minigames than you can shake a conducting stick at. You’ll also have to read sheet music and be able to play cards to stand in Mozart’s shoes.

Unlike the games based on 50 Cent, Devo and Prince, we highly doubt Mozart will be contributing new material for the game’s soundtrack.

1. Eternal Sonata

2007 (Xbox 360, PS3)

We’re not done with dead 18th-century composers yet! Tri-Crescendo’s latest RPG is entirely set in the deteriorating mind of a dying Frederic Chopin, who imagines himself as a spell-casting gentleman in a world of musically themed kids.

They didn’t even try to make the names clever references to musical terminology; there’s literally a character called Falsetto and a kid named Allegretto. Fun fact of the day: Chopin’s English voice actor also played the morbidly obese American fighter, Bob, in Tekken 6. The More You Know!

P.S. Yes, we know Chopin was around in the 19th century, you can stop typing that hate-filled email now, music nerds!

Oct 5, 2009

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