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The Top 7... Ridiculous in-game vehicles

Excitebots is the sequel to Excite Truck. This automatically makes it worthy of attention. But so few copies were sold in the US, English gamers didn't even get to play it and the gamesunk like a lead frog. Funnily enough, metal frogs probably had something to do with the reason it bombed so spectacularly...

Above: OK, so it looks like a frog. It's not so bad, right? Ah, but then...

Above: Is that... what I think it is?

Yes, it's a tambourine. On a long extendable protrusion from this poor creature's back. It's just not natural. Nothing in the natural world is so disgusting, and if it did exist in the natural world and survive long enough to have its picture taken, we can only imagine it would look like this:

How to get it: Your local exotic pet store. Some scissors. Superglue. Wheels from a LEGO set. Your little sister's doll's musical accessories. A matchstick... and a scalpel. As for the game, Froggy's available right from the start.

Why it's ridiculous: Robot frog with wheels and a tambourine. Read that again a few times and - trust us - you'll soon understand.

23 Nov, 2009

What ARE they wearing?

Strange, unusual and absolutely bloody ridiculous

Waka waka waka waka (pause) ...waka waka waka

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