The Top 7... Games we want announced in 2011

2) Grand Theft Auto 5

Yes, we’re aware: this is the thirdtimewe’ve put Grand Theft Auto V on our annual most-wanted-announcement lists, and so far Rockstar Games hasn’t even thrown us the tiniest bone. We know GTA V is coming eventually, but only because it doesn’t make sense for it not to. Until Rockstar announces something, we’re completely in the dark.

Above: We love gunslingers and detectives and all, but can we just play as a sociopathic lunatic again soon? Please?

This could be the year, though. In 2011, we’ll be three years out from the release of GTA IV, which is a pretty good time to start building hype for a sequel. Hopefully with more than just a logo this time – with the internet speculation engine running in high gear for months now, it’d be nice to finally find out a few hard details. Like when and where it’ll be set, say, and whether there’ll be any significant changes in tone or continuity with GTA IV and its two DLC side stories.

Will we see a sequel set in Paris, Tokyo or Bogota, as so many have inexplicably predicted in the past? Will it be a long-overdue return to 1969 London? Or will Rockstar just continue the previous generation’s arc and send us to a painstakingly revamped version of Vice City or San Andreas?

Above: And will we ever see the return of Macy McFakeprotagonist?

Seriously, these are the kinds of questions we lose sleep over.

It’s true that Rockstar’s already got something big planned for this year, with the scheduled spring release of LA Noire poised to impress/creep the hell out of everyone with its methodical detective gameplay and eerily realistic-face tech. But aside from maybe Agent (which we’d also like to hear more about), the company’s been pretty silent about its other plans. If they were to reveal something with a big Roman numeral in the title, we’d guess it’d be maybe a month or two after Noire’s release, so as not to overshadow the new property’s launch. We can hope, anyway.

1) Respawn and Bungie's new projects

If you're a fan of first person shooters, the most exciting announcement of 2011 might have already occurred in 2010. Last year is when two of the biggest players completely rewrote their playbooks, and in doing so, possibly changed the future of the genre forever.

You know the stories by heart, and we won't rehash the sensationalized industry-insider details again here. What matters is that right now, as we type this, the original creators of Halo are no longer working on Halo and the original creators of Call of Duty are no longer working on Call of Duty. That multiplayer you've poured hundreds if not thousands of hours into over the past decade? Those epic campaigns we rightfully compared to the best action blockbusters Hollywood has to offer? The people most responsible are currently dreaming up entirely new universes, filled with entirely new weapons, vehicles, heroes and enemies. Doesn't that blow your mind… at least a little?

Above: Like these, only secret-er

Sure, Bungie could play it safe and introduce another straightforward sci-fi saga, but if rumors are true, the company has something far more ambitious – like a return to fantasy or MMO – in mind. And yes, Respawn could predictably repeat Infinity Ward's winning formula, but if the founders are seeking revenge on their former bosses at Activision, they'll want to shock the world with something far more spectacular.

All we can do at this point is guess. Hopefully, by the end of 2011, we'll know.

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