The Top 7... games that are cheaper than therapy

Anger issues - The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
VU Games | Xbox, PS2, GameCube

Sooner or later, something's gonna make you so mad that you just want to smash the world into a billion pieces, and The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction was created with that in mind. So don't go smashing a hole in your wall or taking it out on those around you like some uncreative jerk; Ultimate Destruction lets you get downright inventive with your rage.

Above: Yeah, yeah, "Hulk smash." You're preaching to the choir, buddy

We've played a lot of cathartic, ultraviolent games over the years, but none of them let you rage quite like this free-roaming city-stomper. Hulk can smash tanks, pile-drive helicopters and tear off giant antennas to bat people off the tops of skyscrapers. He can catch and throw back missiles and punch giant robots in the face. He can rip cars in half and then wear those halves like boxing gloves.

The important thing is that as long as you're projecting your hard feelings onto the game's big, open city and its inhabitants, you'll blow off some steam that might otherwise build up and lead you to do something you'll regret. Like, say, attend an anger-management course on the orders of some stupid judge who wasn't even there and didn't hear the way that asshole said "good morning."