The Top 7... Game bad guys you didn't want to kill

These guys are annoying as hell in the Genesis version of Sonic, but you can at least crouch under their spiky projectiles. But while they're clearly mean and metallic, the sprite looks so much cuter on the Master System/Game Gear version of the game.After its spikes are thrown, you're left looking at a cute, marshmallowy-looking creature that just stares impassively and slowly moves forwards. Deep underwater, in its geode-filled home, it is now unable to harm anyone. Are you really such a bastard that you'd kill it? And don't even try to argue that 'it releases the animal trapped inside' - this is the 8-bit version. There is no bunny. Murderer.

Above: Orbinaut with his spikes. Yup, kill it. But spikeless? Well...

They're massive, ugly, armed with a massive drill and will turn violent with only the smallest provocation, but the Big Daddies make us sad when they die. Maybe it's because they're only protecting their Little Sister companions, or because the child doesn't understand what's happened, shouting 'Wake up, Mr Bubbles!' Or maybe it's because the hulking beasts can fight on your side with a special power-up, which means you can make them kill each other. Whichever way, it's all kinds of wrong and we wish we could just leave them alone. But we want that Adam!

Above: A moment of tenderness. Shortly followed by aviolent death