The Top 7 - Fruitless Endeavors

Nah. Level 70 is exactly the same as 69, only there's an extra integer on the level number and some minor stat increases. Only now there's no reason to keep playing. You've done it – you've hit the limit. If it can be said that you've 'finished' WoW, this must be that point. Yes, we know Wrath of the Lich King will extend the cap again. But that's just prolonging the inevitable.

Sure, you can still go on raids and get some new armour or some extra special weapons, but the chances are you've probably got everything you want by now anyway. Do you know what this means? You can go outside now! Better take some sunglasses though. That daylight's pretty harsh.

Beating the 99 Trial Mode
At the end of PS2's awesome Ridge Racer V, you get to compete in an endurance race, named the 99 Trial Mode. That means 99 laps around one course, which will last about 1h 45m. Fortunately, it's around that famous original track from the arcade, so at least it's a pleasant enough drive. And surely there's got to be something amazing waiting at the end of it.

Nothing. That's it. One measly medal's all you get for racing 99 times around the same course, mostly without any competition. You can race on to 1,500 miles if you want, in which case you'll get a Pac-Man car. But after this snub, we don't want to. After goodness knows how many hours spent completing the game, it set us up for an ultimate prize. And gave us a medal. Curse you, RRV!

Above: 99 laps around here is no chore. But can't we have something for it?

Justin Towell

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