The Top 7 - Fruitless Endeavors

Completing story mode
We like Need for Speed Carbon – it took the whole street racing genre probably as far as it was going to go on last-gen systems. And yes, we did finish the game. It wasn't easy and it took hours and hours, which admittedly turned into a bit of a slog near the end.

The plot ties up nicely, even though we don't really care about it. And after a game full of cool unlocks like pearlescent paint and oversized spoilers, you could be forgiven for expecting something awesome as a big 'congratulations' for getting to the end.

So what do we get? A ridiculously short end movie (30 seconds long - see it below if you don't mind spoilers), five new cars (when we already had loads of good ones) and, most crushingly, an invitation to start the whole game again with a different car class. Our eyes widen in disbelief. Are you kidding? How is that a reward? It's basically saying "Well done – tell you what, seeing as you've been so good, persevering through that drawn-out career mode, we'll let you do it again. Twice." No thanks.

How many hours does it take to get 100% in GTA III? 150, perhaps? Maybe less if you've done it before and you eat sandbox games for breakfast. And sure, you get a whole load of benefits for your endeavors as you go, such as a cool new taxi, weapons outside your safehouse and all the health, pill and wanted level-cooling pick-ups you could ask for.

But you would think there would be something truly special waiting for you at the end of it all. Like a plane that actually flies properly, or maybe for snow to fall, covering the city in a white blanket. You know, something. Anything. But no, you get a stat that says '100%'.

Well done.

Justin Towell

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