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The Suffering: Ties That Bind review

Less scare, more shock

Where Ties That Bind does distinguish itself from the average shooter is with the heavy focus on plot. If you’ve played the original then you’ll know how anti-hero Torque is - seemingly having murdered his wife and kids in a fit of insane agitation. Intense flashbacks and visions are the main tools used to communicate the story and the way you behave towards 'innocents' will have a bearing on the final outcome of the game - and incidentally, the types of attack that Torque will acquire in his beefed-up monster form over the course of the adventure.

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DescriptionIt may be a little short in the scare department, but as far as survival horror games go, you could do a lot worse than this solid sequel.
PlatformPC, Xbox, PS2
US censor ratingMature
Release date26 September 2005 (US), 26 September 2005 (UK)