The Strangers trailer goes online

The horror genre may have taken a bit of a punch in the face box office-wise this year, but that won't stop Hollywood from churning 'em out (though, admittedly, most of the films hitting screens at the moment would have been put into production when audiences were still prepared to watch people being eviscerated for their entertainment)...

The latest is The Strangers - and you can find the new trailer here . Weirdly, the trailer's stylistically similar to another ad for an upcoming gore-fest, Trick R Treat, which you can see here .

Are Warner Brothers and Rogue Pictures going to the same cutting shop?

Either way, both films star actresses you wouldn't expect to see in this sort of thing (Liv Tyler, Anna Paquin) and actors you probably would (Scott Speedman, Brian Cox). More importantly, they both look like a lot of fun - in very different ways.

The Strangers is aiming for a November 2007 UK release, whilst Trick R Treat's details haven't been confirmed. We’d put good money on being it released in, say, October, though.

Source: ( shock till you drop ) ( Movieweb )

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