The Starfield Metacritic scores are in, and it's looking very good

(Image credit: Bethesda)

One of the most-anticipated game reviews of the year is upon us, and the Starfield MetaCritic score is looking pretty strong.

In our own Starfield review, Leon gave the new RPG a perfect five-star score, labelling it "the best thing Bethesda has done since Oblivion." He says "Starfield isn't really a game you play to complete, it's more about living whatever sort of life you want in the literal universe Bethesda has created. Whatever you're thinking of doing, you almost certainly can do it, and the scale is almost a release in a way – you'll probably never see or do it all, so just enjoy the moment. There's months, if not years, of discoveries buried away in here, and even after 80 hours I can't wait to see more."

The Starfield MetaCritic score is currently fluctuating around the high 80s on PC (we've seen 88, 89, and 90 in the past few minutes), though it's currently still unscored on Xbox - it's worth remembering that the two versions of the game are pretty similar. That's likely to change a little over the next few days, as other reviews make their way into the public domain. For balance, the game's Opencritic score currently sits at 87, but it's worth noting that that site doesn't split review scores based on platform.

It's still a few hours before the Starfield release times kick off, but you'll be able to watch certain streamers play the game a little early. For more information about that, check out our live coverage of the Starfield launch, which we'll be updating through the day as the early access release gets closer.

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