The Sims 2 Pets

Console ports of PC titles rarely work well. What can be accomplished with a few keyboard and mouse strokes on the PC often ends up as an elaborate affair of clumsily working one's way through sets of menus and commands on a console controller.

Despite our warm review of the Sims 2 Pets on the PC, we just weren't feeling any puppy-love for its console cousins for this very reason. But after seeing EA's latest version of The Sims 2 Pets in action with the Wii's remote and nunchuck, it looks like clunky controls won't be an issue.

The Wii's remote is perfectly suited to capturing the fluid sweeping motions of the mouse that made games like The Sims easy to get into on the PC. But don't expect a drastically different experience in terms of content. Customizing your personal pet is still the game's main focus. There's a variety of breeds, physical traits, and accessories that will surely delight fans of and During our demo, we witnessed the creation of a daring bulldog dolled up with some pimp shades and a dapper hat.

All the hallmarks of The Sims series are back. You'll design your dwelling and queue up bathroom breaks, and training sessions as you groom your virtual pet. Expect The Sims 2 Pets to release for the Wii this June. In the meantime, hit up the Images tab above to witness some heavy petting action of this PC "Wii-make."