The Shrek house can be found in new Hunt: Showdown DeSalle map

New map DeSalle is here
(Image credit: Crytek)

Hunt: Showdown just added a new map, and hiding within said map is none other than Shrek's house.

Well, calling it a house is a bit generous. In the post on the Hunt: Showdown official subreddit below (and first reported by PC Gamer), one eagle-eyed player has realized that a small hut housed within the new DeSalle map bears a striking resemblance to the shack that Shrek inhabits during his adventures.

We have to admit, we're kind of won over by the assertion that this is Shrek's house. After all, there are boarded-up windows and doors, very few lights to be seen anywhere, and the house itself is even positioned right underneath a tree, which we immediately recognize from the 20+ times we've watched the original Shrek movie.

If you're looking to set forth on a pilgrimage to the ogre's house, then the user who found the shack in the post just above hints that it's located somewhere in the bottom left corner of the new DeSalle map. If you've got time to spare between all the running and gunning, then this is a prime destination.

If you're a little bit out of the loop on Crytek's 2018 game, Hunt: Showdown appears at first to be your typical PvP shooter, but it throws in some absolutely genius PvE elements into the mix as well. There are monsters of all shapes and sizes stalking the players throughout every level, and the new DeSalle map is definitely no exception in bringing terrifying monsters to bear against its players.

Speaking of, the new DeSalle map was only just added to Hunt: Showdown earlier this month in July, the game's first new map-based offering in just over three years. The level has been well worth the wait though, offering players a bank, saloon, a quarry, and more locales to explore. And hey, there's even a mansion with a blood fountain, as if Hunt: Showdown wasn't already intimidating enough.

If you're looking to get into the brilliant multiplayer game from Crytek, you can head over to our guide detailing the five things you need to know about Hunt: Showdown before diving headlong into the mayhem.

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