The Secret Lives Of Dentists review

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Ever pondered how, like, teeth are kind of analogous to marriage? Then your hour has come. Everyone else: be warned. This film contains scenes of Denis Leary.

Indie stalwarts Campbell Scott and Hope Davis are 10-year-hitched teeth jockeys with a joint practice, three kids and an anaesthetised sex life. She plugs the void with amateur opera while he mopes about, obsessing and fantasising about her infidelity. Leary is a hard-living, er, trumpet player who's so rock'n'roll he doesn't look after his teeth. When he starts to shadow Scott's character, the effect is less alpha-male mentor, more fortysomething Tyler Durden-lite.

Afterglow director Alan Rudolph delivers an effective, brooding first half-hour with plenty of clammy truths about lust gone limp, but Leary's imaginary buddy antics burst the bubble. Still, there's a slight blip of redemption in Robin Tunney as a sexy saliva-hooverer.

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