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The search for the bat god begins in Helm Greycastle #2 preview

Helm Greycastle #2
(Image credit: Fabian Lelay/Rahmat M. Handoko/Bryan Valenza/Gabriela Downie (Image Comics/Top Cow Productions))

The Latinx fantasy comic Helm Greycastle returns this month as the heroes go in search of a mythical warrior to help them overthrow the tyrannical Aztec dictator Montezuma III.

"Helm and the gang are tasked with locating Mexica's greatest warrior: Camazotz!" reads Image Comics / Top Cow Productions' description of Helm Greycastle #2 (opens in new tab). "But will Camazotz join their crusade to overthrow Montezuma III?!"

Take a look at this four-page preview of Helm Greycastle #2:

In Mayan mythology, Camazotz is a bat-god - so yeah, probably a great warrior by that alone. And they'll need someone like him, as the Helm Greycastle series is an alt-take on history where the people of Mexico repel the Spanish conquistadors - thanks to the use of magic by Montezuma III.

"I love playing Dungeons & Dragons with my best friends and I grew up loving Peter Jackson's take on JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings," says writer Henry Barajas. "But I never see people like myself in the fantasy world. I want to show the rich, bloody history of Mexico while bringing Latinx characters into the fantasy realm." 

Barajas is joined on Helm Greycastle by layout artist Fabian Lelay, penciler Rahmat M. Handoko, color artist Bryan Valenza, letter artist Gabriela Downie, and editor/script assistant Claire Napier.

Helm Greycastle #2's primary cover was drawn by Dale Deforest, with Stjepan Sejic contributing a variant cover.

Helm Greycastle #2 (of 4) goes on sale May 26. A collection of all four issues comes out August 31, titled Helm Greycastle Book One (opens in new tab).

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