The Scariest Games this fall - Part 2

DS is heavy on tension and boo-moments, all of which are punctuated by a screechy musical score inspired by The Shining. Even if DS can get bogged down in fetch quests and laborious backtracking, you’ll never curse the structure as much as you will the gruesome beasties.

With blood-smeared tension, elevated mood and the coolest engineering weapons, we would have to go with the melee-curb stomp as our favorite part of the DS experience. How many times have you played a horror game and emptied another few rounds into the offending ghoul’s throat? Now you can save ammo and deliver a satisfying boot, relieving any extremity or head in a fountain of gushy blood. Stress relieved!

Fright factor:

Other scares:

Call of Duty: World at War
Co-op zombie mode

This news just cropped up recently, but after completing the single-player campaign, a multiplayer mode unlocks enabling you to fight against hordes of zombie Nazis. As if the Nazis needed another reason to be the villain in an FPS.

Grand Theft Auto IV
Zombies invade multiplayer

Just in time for Halloween, Rockstar has peppered all multiplayer modes of GTAIV with zombies. Even though the zombie skin was available after killing a Rockstar employee during a match, it seems as though you too can get the skin after killing an infected player within a match, thereby spreading the disease. Doesn’t quite sound like how the “zombie formula” works, but hell; it’s a pretty cool bonus nonetheless.

Oct 29, 2008

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