The saddest game cancellations of this generation

Gamers are an excitable lot, prone to getting emotionally invested in a game during the very early stages of development thanks to hype alone. Unfortunately, all life is fragile, especially a life constantly threatened by budget constraints, callous publishers, encroaching projects and creeping deadlines. Any videogame that even makes it to store shelves is very lucky indeed, for there are many that fall by the wayside.

Take for example publisher Nibris' Sadness, the Wii game that never was, and most gamers had assumed never would be. Fair play to Nibris, they strung us along for quite a while before the curtain finally dropped, but was anybody surprised by its cancellation? Not really.

In honor of these aborted might-have-beens, join us for a list of canceled games from this generation that we find particularly tragic. Some of their deaths were shocking, some of them predictable, but their miserable, lonely deaths were most certainly a cause for sorrow.