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The Resident Evil 2 remake looks spectacular in the new Resi 7 engine (and horrible. Really, really horrible)

The Resident Evil 2 (opens in new tab) announced at E3 2018 sounds like a dream come true - the original game reimagined in the Resi 7 (opens in new tab) engine, and with that classic Resi 4 (opens in new tab) over the shoulder camera. Now we've got 24 minutes of Resi 2 Remake's E3 2018 gameplay to pick over. 

The good news is Capcom are doing some truly horrible things with the new engine...

Gross right? I mean, in a good way. That new Resi 7 RE engine tech that made that game's Mold enemies so slimy and nasty is working well with the old classic zombies.

Another thing to note is the new Resi 4 style camera system. This remake isn't using the fixed angles and view of the original, and instead the over shoulder camera is creating that sense of restricted view and claustrophobia.  

Apparently Capcom has moved a few things around and made some changes to locations and puzzles (there are toilets in this game that the original never had, for example). So even if you've memorised Raccoon City's undead hellscape there should be a few surprises this time. 

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