The Principles Of Lust review

Paul's (Alec Newman) life changes the day he meets Juliette (Sienna Guillory), a single mum who introduces him to her cute son. He also meets Billy (Marc Warren), a reckless hedonist who in turn introduces him to a netherworld of strippers, drugs and pre-teen boxing. Paul and Juliette begin a passionate affair, but as the relationship settles down, Paul seeks out Billy to add some spice to his life...

Helmer Penny Woolcock cut her teeth on harsh TV movies like Tina Goes Shopping, so it's no surprise that her Sheffield is authentic, sordid and violent. The Principles Of Lust also benefits from Marc Warren's sweaty performance as Billy, Yorkshire's answer to Tyler Durden. But despite its explicit sex and violence - which at times feels crowbarred in for shock value - this ultimately emerges as just another morality tale with a hopelessly conventional ending. Audiences who seek it out could handle - and deserve - much more.

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