The Overwatch 2 team knows you all want a flamethrower hero, they're just "difficult" to create

Overwatch 2 characters
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The Overwatch 2 team has acknowledged fans' requests for a flamethrower-themed hero but says one would be "difficult" to create. 

In an interview with GameSpot, the lead hero designer of Overwatch 2, Alec Dawson, and art director Dion Rogers discussed the possibility of a flamethrower hero and what other ideas they have for the game's characters in the future. "I always ask Alex for a flamethrower hero," Rogers says, "but it's a difficult hero to create in our game." The art director did express excitement about the prospect, though. 

It seems like Overwatch 2 fans have the same idea. As demonstrated in this Reddit post, fans have been throwing around the idea of a hero that uses a flamethrower as far back as two years ago - long before Overwatch 2 launched. There's also been a few posts on the same topic as recently as two months ago. Despite all this fan feedback, though, it looks like Blizzard isn't in a rush to implement such a hero right now. 

In the same discussion, the Overwatch 2 team expressed a desire to explore more existing characters as heroes: "There's plenty [of character concepts], especially with the world of Overwatch being so rich," Dawson said, "I think a lot of those characters that you haven't seen become heroes, I think one day we definitely want to explore what they would be like as a hero." 

In other Overwatch 2 news, Blizzard is building a new map live on Twitch with help from the community. That's right, game director Aaron Keller and the aforementioned Dion Rogers will be taking to the streaming platform later today (or in the early hours of tomorrow for the UK) for the "Twitch Makes Overwatch" livestream. The two developers will be designing a new map for the FPS game with input from fans via Twitch's chat feature. So now's your chance to ask for a flamethrower-themed map too. 

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