The newest member of the Fantastic Four family is an adorable dog

Fantastic Four #11 interior art
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It's no secret that we here at Newsarama love a good super-pet - we were recently delighted by the silly story of Stanley the Spider-Goose, for example. And in September 6's Fantastic Four #11 from writer Ryan North, artist Iban Coello, colorist Jesus Aburtov, and letterer Joe Caramagna, we've been pandered to again (in the best way) as Ben Grimm adds a new member to his family in the form of a lovable little terrier.

It's a cute little story of the Fantastic Four as a family, the kind of tale North and Coello's FF run has been built around. And by the end of the issue, not only has the Thing's rocky heart been warmed over by the love of man's best friend, but the Grimm (and by extension the Richards) family's new pet has shown she has a place on the team as well.

Spoilers ahead for Fantastic Four #11

The issue starts with Ben being pestered by an adorable little terrier. Thanks to the FF's recent circumstances, Ben is hesitant and even outright resistant to the pup, seeing her as just one more mouth to feed when resources are scarce.

But like all the best dogs, our hero persists. And as Ben and his family are swept up in a plot by a returning Fantastic Four villain from the team's early days, the terrier becomes the key to their salvation.

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Waking up one morning to find that his home is swept up in a vortex (we're not in Kansas anymore!), Ben becomes increasingly frustrated by his attempts to discover what's going on, until he finds the Silver Age villain the Miracle Man at the heart of the caper.

Stymied by Miracle Man's illusions, which force Ben to question the reality of even the food he's eating, the Thing suddenly realizes that the terrier who has been following him around trying to get his attention all issue can see through Miracle Man's mysticism thanks to her canine senses.

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Eventually, Ben allows the dog to guide him through the illusions, ending Miracle Man's schemes and freeing his family. And in the end, Ben and the terrier decide to stick together, with the dog becoming the newest member of the family.

That said, Ben's new dog doesn't have a name just yet. In the issue, Johnny Storm suggests "Fuego Blaze," while Sue Richards is dead set on "Harriet." Reed sticks with a classic by suggesting the name "Lucky." But Ben balks at each suggestion, instead stating "If ya ask me, I think she'll let us know what her name is soon enough!"

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We might already know her name though, as the title of the story is revealed as 'It's Slobberin' Time, starring Ben Grimm and Princess Masters-Grimm." So is princess her name? We'll find out, perhaps when Fantastic Four #12 goes on sale October 4.

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