The new star of Ghostwire: Tokyo is a tanuki in a construction helmet

Ghostwire: Tokyo
(Image credit: Tango Gameworks)

Ghostwire: Tokyo's new star is a tanuki wearing a construction hardhat.

Posted on the official Ghostwire: Tokyo Twitter account, the tweet just below is the beginning of a dive into the creatures starring in the new game. The debut critter of the week is a tanuki wearing a hardhat, and as such we've dubbed him Hardhat Tanuki.

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Why is this tanuki wearing a construction hardhat? Couldn't tell you. How is he actually going to help out the protagonist throughout Ghostwire: Tokyo? Not a clue. What's important is that this is a tanuki wearing a hardhat, and he's obviously taking his job very seriously.

It looks like we'll be seeing other creatures from around the world of Ghostwire: Tokyo later this week. We're looking forward to meeting the other creatures throughout the desolate Tokyo, and according to an old tweet that resurfaced in the replies to Hardhat Tanuki, it looks like we'll be petting dogs throughout the new game.

Ghostwire: Tokyo launches next month on March 25 for PC, and is a new-gen console exclusive for PS5. Developer Tango Gameworks might have produced horror-laden affairs with The Evil Within and its sequel, but Ghostwire: Tokyo looks like a decidedly more action-orientated game, as the player character battles ghosts and ghouls with their bare hands utilizing spells and other magic. In among all that, why not throw in a retinue of animals that you can interact with throughout the deserted streets of Tokyo?

Check out our full Ghostwire: Tokyo preview for what we make of Tango Gameworks' new so far.

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