The new Retro Gamer goes hands-on with the Evercade VS console

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The latest issue of Retro Gamer features an exclusive hands-on playtest of the Evercade Vs and reveals what’s planned for the console’s promising future.

We spoke to the team behind the incoming retro machine in order to find out new things about the system like how it will improve on the original handheld and why it was so important for the existing games to be backwards compatible (only two Namco collections won’t currently work). “It was really key to make sure all those that had bought carts already didn’t have to buy them again for another type of system. Compatibility of our cartridges is very important,” explained Blaze’s managing director, Andrew Byatt.

Emulation quality was also important to the team and they spent a substantial amount of time tweaking the existing code as Blaze’s head of technology Ryan Dekker explained to us: “I would estimate that we spent about 40% of the VS development cycle on improving emulation. We also sponsored a number of improvement works on the emulators and were able to push them back upstream to benefit existing community projects. Notably, we did a lot of work on the community build of the Intellivision and arcade emulators.” 

The end result is a big improvement on the original system, thanks to things like a new pixel-perfect display option, 1080p output, and multiplayer gaming. We’ve been really impressed with the machine as it’s an interesting evolution of the Evercade brand, so make sure you read our giant 10-page feature.

Other highlights of issue 226 include behind the scenes looks at Microprose Soccer, First Samurai and Future Cop: LAPD, we also revisit the excellent puzzle series Boulder Dash, discover how Project Zero: Maiden Of Black Water is being updated for contemporary consoles and learn how the quirky N64 titles Space Station Silicon Valley and Body Harvest led to the world-conquering Grand Theft Auto III.

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