The NES Classic Mini is back in stock now, just in time for a last minute pre-order

Today is a day for some good news, and Nintendo has you covered. Despite officially discontinuing the NES Classic Mini console last month, after it quickly sold out across the world during the Christmas season, Nintendo (opens in new tab) has announced a second comeback for the product, where it's re-launching for pre-orders with a release day of June 29, next month. 

This will come as music to the ears of Nintendo fans who didn't manage to get hold of the limited edition console last time around, which comes with 80 classic NES games pre-loaded onto the hardware and all up-scaled with high definition graphics.

Some of the games included with the console are Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Pac-Man, and Donkey Kong, and the NES Mini's unique save system makes all these titles easy to pick up and play right from where you left off.  

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NES Classic Mini (opens in new tab)

NES Classic Mini (opens in new tab): Pre-order it now for less than £50.  

For those who miss out on purchasing the NES Mini directly from Nintendo, Amazon US (opens in new tab) and Amazon UK (opens in new tab) also has a few more quantities of the item back in stock, but you'd better hurry, and they're being bought up pretty quickly.

The base package comes with a HDMI cable, USB power cable, and one NES controller, but you can purchase an extra one separately for local split-screen play, as the accessory is also back in stock and available for pre-order exclusively from the Nintendo UK Store (opens in new tab)

It's unclear whether this is the final time that the NES Mini will ever be sold again or not (Nintendo's been frustratingly coy about its production plans), but interested customers ought to pick theirs up now, just in case this is the last chance to do so.

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