The Movies: Stunts and Effects

Amateur directors who enjoyed creating their own blockbuster hits in the original Tinseltown sim The Movies will soon be able to add even more creative flourishes to their lovingly crafted, cinematic works thanks to the arrival of the first expansion pack for the game, The Movies: Stunts & Effects.

Due for release in spring, the new content will herald the arrival of stuntmen to the lot. This mad dog bunch will bring with them a varied repertoire of dangerous tricks and turns to add a little Fear Factor magic to productions, minus the eyeball delicatessen. Of course, training and management of the life-and-limb risking employees will also be up to you.

In addition to exploiting the suicidal tendencies of your stuntmen, Stunts & Effects will also give you new techniques, technologies and visual effects to tinker with. Upgrades to the advanced movie mode are also promised, along with new backdrops, costumes and props.

The Movies, which was created by Lionhead Studios, successfully stoked the creative fires in many wannabe moviemakers when it was released at the end of last year and the game's website currently hosts over 60,000 movies created by its players and is well worth avisit. Have you seen the screenshots from the expansion yet? Hit that images tab at the top of the screen.

Let's take five, people.