The Medium asks you to write a review at the end

The Medium review
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Bloober Team's The Medium has a post-credits message from the developers asking players to review the game on the Microsoft Store.

As spotted by VGC, players with early copies began reporting the unique in-game request as reviews from critics were pouring in on Wednesday. Here's Bloober Team's message to players in-full:

"The Medium is our biggest and most ambitious game so far. It's a close and personal project that was years in the making. We poured our souls into it and we've made a lot of great memories during development. However, as great as it is to make games, we do what we love with one person in mind – and that's you. Your thoughts mean a lot to us, and they make us better developers. This is why we would love to hear your impression of The Medium."

The Medium

(Image credit: Bloober Team)

Critics overall seem split on The Medium, with reviews scattered all across the spectrum. GamesRadar's Leon Hurley didn't love the game. In his The Medium review, he gave it 2.5/5 stars and writing, "The Medium isn't even really a horror game, despite the setting and themes, and lacks any scares bar an early cheap jump. For a studio so focused on creating psychological horror it's hard to see this mildly spooky action-adventure as anything other than a misstep."

If you have had your eye on The Medium, it won't be long until you can try it for yourself and form your own impressions. Bloober Team's latest psychological horror game launches on January 28 for Xbox Series X/S and PC. And if you have Game Pass, you don't need to spend a dime to check it out. For the ambition on display alone, not to mention Troy Baker's terrifying portrayal of The Maw, it could be worth the time for fans of Bloober Team's distinct brand of horror.

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