The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - updated hands-on

One feature that was much more profound this time around was remote's solitary speaker. It let out clangs and roars whenever something died, but we couldn't tell how remote's sound will be separated from the TV audio. Maybe if there wasn't techno music constantly pounding in the background (of the event, not the game, please) we could have heard more. Once again, a new feature that's sorta cool, but not going to change the gaming world.

If it sounds like we're bagging on Zelda a little too much, well, that's kinda the case. The game looks incredible and displays everything we've come to love about the series (ominous bosses, gorgeous views and mind-shredding puzzles) but would be so much damn easier with a regular controller. If Wii's supposed to bring new audiences in, this setup is way too complicated to be the Trojan horse title Nintendo needs.

But for the initiated, we're confident that with time, the interface will click and we'll all fawn over how impossibly perfect Princess is. If not, hey, it's still coming out on the GameCube in December.

Brett Elston

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