The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - updated hands-on

Last week we took you through the first several hours of what could be the best Legend of Zelda game to date. To get caught up on Link's canine alter ego and an in-depth account of everything that's happened to Hyrule, you really need to headhere first. Once you've done that, please, continue on.

Our last action as the latest legendary hero to don a green tunic involved toppling a massive tree monster and obtaining some kind of artifact. The devilish Midna laid claim to it rather quickly, saying that two more things just like it are needed. So, with this area of Hyrule temporarily purged of the encroaching darkness, we hit the wide open fields in search of new towns, clues and special items.

The main Hyrule Field functions just like it did in Ocarina of Time. It acts as a central hub, linking all other areas on the map together. You'll also notice the passage of day and night for the first time, just like Ocarina. Within a few steps we saw a glowing bug chilling on a tree - instead of gold Skultullas, it looks like you'll be seeking out all kinds of insects to build up a collection. And we all remember what you got for collecting all 100 of these annoyances... a bunch of nothing. Money and a piece of heart. Party.

One thing this field has over the Ocarina version is its eerie yellow and black veil that spans across the sky, signaling the Twilight Realm's steady approach into Hyrule. It's a very dystopian interpretation of Hyrule, echoed continually as you visit more and more scarred parts of the map.

Brett Elston

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