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Like a bad made-for-TV movie, The In Crowd is a predictable yarn (or should that be yawn?) about a bunch of rich kids who are even worse than their bitchy, spoiled exteriors would have you believe. As well as being predictable, however, it also tests your ability to suspend disbelief: the only way you're going to swallow anything in this trashy flick is if you think poor little rich girls are capable of being master manipulators and unrepentant killers when they can't even open a beer without help from their maid.

It also helps to be under the delusion that all lovely ladies harbour lesbian tendencies, that anyone can solve a mystery if they just try hard enough, and that all intelligent men become blithering idiots around sexy women. Okay, so the last one is true, but when it happens in The In Crowd, it just seems silly.

Oh, but only if this movie was silly. Then maybe it would at least generate some form of interest. Instead, it's just dull. So dull, in fact, that it'd probably be a good idea not to drive or operate heavy machinery after watching it. Not only does nothing happen for a very... very... very... long... time, but just when you think something might happen, you're usually proved wrong. Then, when something finally does happen, it's never surprising, with the big climax coming over like a serious bout of déjà vu.

Still, at least head-vixen Susan Ward is gorgeous enough to partially distract you from some of the movie's shortcomings - if she can get into something a little more memorable, she might just make a decent career for herself. In which case, The In Crowd will be the embarrassing early movie she'll nervously laugh about in interviews. For the rest of us, however, it's one we can be embarrassed about now.

This film has `late-night TV' written all over it, but please, don't stay up.

Uneventful and uninteresting, The In Crowd is a thriller with no thrills that takes ages to go nowhere, until it eventually trundles into an anti-climactic climax. Even a supremely sexy star can't save this from being a great big stinkin' snore.

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