The Halo 3 Beta walkthrough

High Ground

Ourfavorite map of the beta! Look out for campers sniping from the beach area at the bottom, some people can't help themselves. If you're one of them, picking up the invisibility on the ridge is a must.

Important weapons here are the rocket launcher and Brute Shot but the map holds a fewassault rifles, one shotgun, and there's even a Spartan Laser hiding up in the lookout post. There iseven a huge metal gate guarded bya turretthat can be ripped off its tripod by pressing B once you're on it.

To open the main gate, you'll have to get past the front wall into the base, then hit the switch on the ledge to the left of the gate near the main tower. There are three ways to do this. You could jump over the destroyed section of wall to the right of the gate or gun your way through the broken bunker on the left. There's a hatch on top of the bunker that can be shot open too. The third way involves the Portable Grav Lift and hopping over the wall. While we're talking about the Grav Lift you can also use it give the Mongoose a peg up.

Once inside the base it's all about close-range combat, and the assault rifle will do you proud if you back it up with plenty of random grenade flinging. This is also where dual-wielding some Brute Spikers makes you one tough mother to beat.

Remember the Plasma Pistol that no one really used much? Well it's an awesome weapon for taking out a player's shield but it's been upgraded for Halo 3. Fire a full charge at a moving vehicle and it'll knock out allpowerfor six seconds, stopping it dead. This gives you plenty of time to board the vehicle or just blow it up.

May 15, 2007