The Golden Compass

In addition to being an integral part of the story, Daemons could potentially offerup a vast array of possiblities in terms of gameplay. As a person grows to adulthood their Daemon eventually assumes a single refined form, butDaemons of pre-adolescentscan changewith dynamic variety,potentially as drastic as a prepubescent mood swing. Following the in-game demo, we saw production footage of the painstaking steps the developers are takingin order tocapture the behavior of animals of all sorts,from monkeys to ferrets -even butterflies.

It should also be noted that special care is being taken to scan in-game modelsfrom every detailof the upcoming movie, down to the minutest costume or prop.And what would a Golden Compass game be without the inclusion of the titular device: the alethiometer.An ambiguous truth-telling guidethat reliesheavily on the intuition of the user, players can wield it as a means to revealing special items, bonuses and power-ups. From what we were told, mastery of the alethiometer will give players an inside edge, just as in the story, although it shouldn't be all together vital to completion of in-game missions.

For some reason, Sega wouldn't confirm anythingas to the extentof cast participation, but given the level of detail in the translation it'sa safe betwe'll see a version Lyra's estranged father, as played by Neo-Bond Daniel Craig,in addition to agorgeous rendering of Nicole Kidman's Mrs. Coulter. We should have more details, images and trailerscomingat youin the near future, so check back with us in the coming weeks.