The Game of Thrones cast reveal who they'd kill, given the chance (not in the real world, it's fine)

Game of Thrones fans are always wondering whose head is next up on the chopping block. But what about the stars who play the characters we alternate between cheering for and despising? Entertainment Weekly gathered the Game of Thrones cast and asked them a very simple question: who would your character kill, given the chance?

I admit I'm surprised to hear Kit Harington single out Gwendoline Christie's Brienne as his Tarth-get (see what I did there?). And speaking of Christie, I love her reaction to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau saying Jaime would kill Daenerys.

The man has a point, the Mother of Dragons is definitely one of the biggest threats to the Lannisters, but Christie finds this hilarious for some reason. I don't know if she finds it funny because Jaime doesn't stand a chance or because Dany is a fan-favorite or what, but her laugh is as enjoyable as anything.

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Sam Prell

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