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The game credit sequences you'll actually enjoy

15th Jan, 2007

The end credits of a game are usually by far the worst part. We're not talking about the game's ending here. Those can be spectacular. No, what we mean is the actual credits themselves. Not only are they the visual death toll of another game over, but all they offer you in consolation is the boring visage of a lot of names scrolling up the screen. And these days it's a lot of names. Back in the 8-bit home computer days we usually got away with one guy's signature on a title screen, but in this modern era of mega-budget videogame blockbusters they usually last long enough to make Lord Of The Rings look like a local amateur dramatic production. It's a thoroughly depressing affair all round.

But there are devs who realise that. They've played enough games and been bored by enough credit sequences themselves to want to free us from that burden, and we don't just mean by adding a 'skip' option. No, there are actually developers around with the benevolence and lack of ego who know that we want more than to sit on our sofa in reverence of their names, and they've taken steps to make sure their credits are just as fun and engaging as the game itself. Intrigued? Read on.