The Future of Mass Effect

Any plans for a downloadable demo before release?

Zeschuk: We're still thinking of the exact form the demo could take.

So there is a demo planned then?

Zeschuk: Probably... I'm being particularly non committal... Our goal would definitely be to have one depending on time challenges and things. I can't remember who said it, I think it was Mark Rein.

I'd hate to quote Mark (laughs), but it's a huge challenge getting a game and demo out around the same time. We're still thinking about how exactly that's going to play out. We're clearly running out time though.

Zeschuk: Certainly out intent is to have all three iterations or instalments of Mass Effect to be on Xbox 360. That's the goal.

Exclusively to 360 all the way?

Zeschuk: Can't really comment on that aspect yet, it's too far into the future. Thinking a year in to the future is a big challenge these days.

The law we can't control is the length of the console cycle. I hope, I hope, I hope that this cycle is longer than the last one. We kind of just got started last cycle and it kind of ended when our second game came out. Downloadable content could also bridge the gap by giving you new little islands of story between the big game releases.