The Future Games Show reveals a brand new Bright Memory: Infinite trailer

Bright Memory: Infinite takes the best of the FPS and action game genres and smashes them together to make a big, futuristic roller coaster ride. Today at the Future Games Show powered by Mana we got to see the hyperspeed gameplay in action in a new trailer. 

The game puts you in the role of Shelia - there just aren't enough Sheila's in video games these days - a member of the Supernatural Science Research Organisation. She'll face wormholes, ancient samurai, and time travel, with combat that drew a comparison to "a first-person Devil May Cry" from our writer Josh West back in 2020.

"The gameplay of Bright Memory: Infinite is the sort of FPS-action type game that you can run through at high speed and pull off flashy combos and stuff," developer Zeng Xiancheng told us then. 

"It features more and more hardcore enemies as you progress through the later stages. Players can use a sword to destroy enemy armor and then use guns to do real damage and take them down – different skills must be used against different enemies for the best results."

Bright Memory: Infinite was released on PC in 2021, but soon console players will have the chance to join in the fun. It'll be released on Xbox Series X and S, PS5, and Nintendo Switch sometime in the future. If you can't wait that long, you can always grab Bright Memory: Infinite on Steam now. 

Just know that you'll be missing out on the 2022 upgrades like support for a high frame rate mode for up to a maximum of 120 FPS, while the DXR version features a Raytracing Reflection 60 FPS mode. The PS5 version adds adaptive triggers, the Xbox versions have all-new in-game character skins, and on Switch, you'll get gyro controls. 

The Xbox Series X version comes with all-new in-game character skins, while the PS5 version features adaptive trigger support. On the other hand, the Switch version supports gyro controls and also adds multi-sampling of TAA anti-aliasing.

For more awesome games featured during today's Future Games Show, check out our official Steam page.

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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