These things will eat you in Xbox survival game, The Flame in the Flood

Dev studio Molasses Flood doesn't want to send you off to certain death in the backwoods of post-societal America when The Flame in the Flood launches on PC and Xbox One in a few weeks. Okay, its game is a survival roguelike, so maybe it does want to do that, but not without some helpful tips before you go. Tips like "bears will mess you up, kid" (paraphrased).

Normal playthroughs of the game typically don't progress quite so fast, and there are plenty more environmental hazards to deal with besides the critters and creatures roaming the countryside. Still, this gives you an idea of how The Flame in the Flood's rock-paper-scissors logic of survival operates. You could use that torch to scare off wolves, but now that you've got fire, you'll attract snakes.

Successfully Kickstarted in October 2014, The Flame in the Flood is the first game from the small studio composed of former BioShock, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Halo developers. It'll be available on February 24 for $20.

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Sam Prell

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