The first Life is Strange 2 teaser is big on questions, short on answers - but we have a theory

The studio behind Life is Strange and Vampyr has finally given us a first look at its next project, Life is Strange 2. It's just a tease, one that leaves us more questions than answers, but it's tantalizing and exciting all the same:

At first glance, it would seem there's not a whole lot we can glean from this tease. But pay close attention and you might pick up a few details. The officer calls in a "10-10," and while ten-codes were never standardized (which is why many precincts don't use them anymore), it has previously meant "fight in progress". So, assuming the writers didn't just randomly pick two numbers out of thin air, we can wager that someone is in the middle of an argument with someone else when the cop pulls over.

Okay, but who is fighting? We already know that previous stars Max and Chloe won't be at the center of this sequel, and that it will somehow connect to the recently-released The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. In that short spin-off, we play as Chris, a 10-year old boy who imagines he has superpowers.

Speaking of superpowers, in this teaser we see officer Matthews and his car being pushed back by some kind of kinetic energy. Listen closely just before the shockwave and you can hear what sounds like a pubescent boy's voice sob, "I didn't do anything!" Could it be that Life is Strange 2 focuses on what happens when Chris develops the powers he pretended to have as a child? (Sidenote: remember that movie, Chronicle? Just... y'know, asking.)

Hopefully we'll get more definitive answers on August 20 when Life is Strange 2 is fully revealed.

Steel yourself: the Life is Strange 2 - episode one release date is set for just over a month from now, on September 27. Your emotions are not ready. 

Sam Prell

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