The Elder Scrolls Online community is risking repetitive strain injury for a mysterious tablet live stream

Currently thousands of Elder Scrolls Online fans are risking their jobs and possible repetitive strain injury by clicking madly on an interactive livestream of a mysterious tablet. Every click helps to "infuse the stone with magic"  - and at the end we'll hopefully get to see the next expansion for Elder Scrolls Online - but at the rate it's going, the infusion is going to take a while.  

It looks like the same tablet that was sent to influencers and press earlier in the week, only that one was broken - a clue as to what might happen to the stony square once we've clicked enough - and featured a dragon. The tablet also came with a letter from Abnur Tharn, the High Chancellor and Overlord of Nibenay, and an original member of Emperor Varen Aquilarios' inner circle.

"Adventurer," it reads. "I have followed your progress with interest and deemed you worthy of rendering assistance. Knowledge has come into my possession that will help me end the misguided Three Banners War and restore peace to Tamriel. 

"You shall accompany me. Be ready to answer my summons. And answer it quickly...I hate to be kept waiting."

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Dataminers have already given us a few clues for what to expect from Elder Scrolls Online updates in 2019. Russian website published information - translated by ResetEra - that suggested the new chapter would be called Elsweyr and add a necromancy class. There was also mention of dragons: "ESO reaches new heights of storytelling with a war against the Dragons that unfolds and builds over four quarterly releases to an unexpected climax." 

We'll bring you all the news as soon as the tablet delivers it, but until then, come and have a click. 

While you wait read why you shouldn't wait so impatiently for The Elder Scrolls 6, because ESO has everything you need. 

Rachel Weber
Managing Editor, US

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