The Doom Generation review

A living, breathing severed head, a spaced-out slacker, a clueless girl who leads him astray and a bisexual drifter who comes between them in more ways than one... Welcome again to the totally fucked-up world of Totally F***ed Up Gregg Araki.

This road movie/horror-thriller/sex comedy about three rebels without a pause is the best Araki yet. From sparky start to gruesome finish, the performances are out there: Schaech plays against his pretty boy image and McGowan hilariously sends-up Alicia Silverstone's Clueless character, with some X-rated dialogue. This grubby gem is as far from a mainstream multiplex crowd-pleaser as it's possible to get, but for those who can stomach theanarchic violence, it's a road trip well worth taking.


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