The Descents Neil Marshall To Direct Game Of Thrones Episode

He’ll be helming an episode written by George RR Martin himself

Film director Neil Marshall ( Dog Soldiers , The Descent , Doomsday ) will be helming an episode of Game Of Thrones during season two.

And George RR Martin reveals on his blog that he episode Marshall will be directing is one written by the author himself.

Enthusing that The Descent , “may well be the best horror film of the past twenty years or so,” Martin goes on to say, “That sound you hear is a high-pitched squeal of delight. I love Marshall's work, in case you couldn’t tell. And what makes this especially exciting is that the episode he'll be directing is... mine. Yes. He’s going to directing episode nine, ‘Blackwater’ – The Battle of the Blackwater. I still don’t how the hell we can possibly afford to do half of what I put into that script, but if anyone can pull off my budget-busting battle, it’s Marshall.”

The legendary David Nutter – once known a the king of the pilots, and who has helped define the visual style of such shows as The X-Files , Space: Above And Beyond , Millennium , Smallville , Dark Angel , Roswell , The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Supernatural – will also be directing during season two.

Dave Golder
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