The Death And Life Of Charlie St. Cloud review

Another afterlife drama that spends most of its time in limbo

The Truth About Charlie (Zac Efron) is he can see dead people, the result of a car crash that turned his little brother into a ghost he dutifully spends one hour each day playing catch with in the woods.

Such supernatural obligations make it hard for this promising sailor turned graveyard caretaker to move on with his life. Will yachter Tess (Amanda Crew) be the catalyst he needs to let Sam (Charlie Tahan) go to the hereafter?

Burr Steers’ fantasy romance engrosses at first and has a charming, controlled turn from Efron.

Shame it’s so slow and contradicts its own strained logic, ending up in the same listless limbo as The Time Traveler’s Wife and The Lovely Bones.

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