The Club - impressions

So what about this much-boasted scoring system? At heart, it’s based on the combo multiplier idea. Kill a goon and you get a score based on how skillfully you dropped him. A bar appears with white blocks in it. As the seconds pass, the white blocks fall away. Lose them all and you drop a multiplier level. As you get higher multipliers, the blocks fall away more quickly, so you have to work harder to keep your combo alive.

It works very well and we can imagine the time we’ll be spending trying to make perfect runs (although there’s probably no such thing- a perfect run would require machine-like accuracy, judgement and memory not to mention repeated use of the "last bullet" bonus). Kills aren’t the only way to keep your combo up- there are skull icons nailed to walls throughout the levels and hitting these will keep your multiplier alive.

Justin Towell

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