The Club - impressions

The development team is placing a massive emphasis on multiplayer, even in the single-player modes. With levels so short they can be completed in a couple of minutes, you'll be playing "pass the pad" as you attempt to go one better than yourbuddies - just like you did on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. But don't panic if you want simultaneous play, as there will also be 16-player Xbox Live support and a four-player split screen mode.

There are eight characters, all of whom belong to the eponymous "Club." Basically, it’s a Fight Club-style outfit where the world’s rich and stupid can compete in a secret bloodsport. The goons you’ll be killing have been told there’s acouple millionbones in it for them if they survive the night. Some characters are in against their will- like one special ops guy who was sent in to break it up, but was ambushed, tasered and woke up as a contestant. It’s not a family game. Which is definitely a good thing.

Justin Towell

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