The Business review

""Frankie was so cool his bed made itself"." Nick Love's Football Factory follow-up talks the talk, but does it walk the walk? Mostly yes, the Brit director displaying a swaggering confidence that breezily overcomes the clichéd material.

Part GoodFellas, part Sexy Beast, The Business follows wannabe hood Frankie (Danny Dyer) as he swaps Thatcher's Britain for Spain's Costa del Crime. Falling in with Tamer Hassan's permatanned playboy, he's soon up to his Gregory in drugs and birds. But how long can the good times last?

Shot in lurid colours and backed by terrific '80s tunes, Love's third feature suffers from a Lock, Stock-style plot and some muppet performances. His script, though, is a diamond. ""Good stuff?"" Hassan asks as Dyer hoovers up some fresh product. ""Fantastic!"" he replies. ""My cock's shrunk and I can't feel my neck!""

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