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The bits you didn't see in Portal 2

Crap! Back whenI retrofitted GLaDOS to stand in for famous robots/disembodied characters, I never thought to have her read something from painfully unfunny fatpuss, Garfield. GAH! Curse my stupid face!

Above: To find Garfield, simply hit thePAWS button! lol (

Luckily, the writers of Portal 2 did… even though that dialogue was sadly left on the cutting room floor. But thanks to certain mischievous Champions of the Internet, you can now hear Aperture’s leading lady pulling aLasagna Catof her own below without cracking open Steam and wading through the code.

Also unearthed within Portal 2’s bits and bytes were several unused Aperture inventions and discarded level designs, such asthe “Diversity Vent,” a giant pipe that looks as if it was intended to add vacuum/suction abilities to the game’s already dizzying puzzles.

Above: Looks like this video was posted almost a year ago. However, it's worth pointing out that it's new to me!

Turning to a more recent discovery, here’s a scrapped feature we can’t quite explain: Magical collapsing furniture! Cool... but I can’t for the life of me think how the hell a disappearing bed could fit in with, let alone hold up to,acceleration gel and portable vortexes.

Unseen64 has even more excised Portal material collectedhere, including even more unused dialogue and even a cut co-op human counterpart to Chell named Mel.


May 26, 2011