The Bikeriders trailer finally dropped – and all people can talk about is Tom Hardy's accent

Tom Hardy as Johnny in The Bikeriders
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The Bikeriders trailer has finally dropped – and everyone is talking about the same thing. Nope, not the shiny Harley Davidsons or the movie's star-studded cast; Tom Hardy's "absurd" accent. 

Written and directed by Jeff Nichols, who was inspired by a photo-book of the same name, the drama tracks the rise of a Midwestern motorcycle club in the 1960s. Elvis standout Austin Butler stars as charismatic member Benny, who sets out to impress leader Johnny (Hardy). Elsewhere, Jodie Comer plays Benny's love interest Kathy. Michael Shannon, Mike Faist, Boyd Holbrook, and The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus round out the cast.

Even from the very first look, it's clear the group get into all sorts of trouble involving complicated turf wars and rivals gangs. But it was Hardy's voice that caught people's attention.

"Between Tom Hardy's accent and Jodie Comer's extreme suburban Chicago accent, I hardly noticed that Austin Butler sounds normal," one Twitter user joked, referencing Butler's "enthusiasm" over his Elvis voice last year. 

"This movie has everything. Tom Hardy speaking in a pizza shop owner accent. Jodie Comer speaking in a small cartoon mouse voice. The accent formerly known as Elvis," said another.

"Ahhhhhhhh the incredibly soothing sensation of Tom Hardy doing another new voice and accent that has never existed before," a third added

"One day, discovering the voice Tom Hardy is doing will be the least exciting part of a trailer debut, but today is not that day," rejoiced a fourth, while a fifth tweeted: "Every time Tom Hardy does one of those nasally, throat pinching James Cagney voices, you know you’re in for a good time."

"I love that Austin Butler was clearly born to be in this movie and the entire rest of the cast is having a Muppet accent-off," wrote another, proving that even Comer and Faist aren't safe from the online teasing.

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The Bikeriders opens in theaters on December 1. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2023 and beyond.

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