The Adventures Of Greyfriars Bobby review

Following Lassie’s big-screen return comes this new take on the wee doggie made famous by Disney in 1961. But while John Henderson’s rose-tinted tribute to the loyal terrier who kept vigil at his master’s grave for 14 years has some pedigree moments, its rambling story and unexceptional cast make it a mangy addition to the current craze for cute canine tales.

Dumping the novel in favour of period newspaper accounts, Bobby puts much store by its historical authenticity. The use of Stirling over its hero’s native Edinburgh rather undermines that claim though, while mutton-chopped turns from Sean Pertwee and Ardal O’Hanlon make them look like refugees from Bleak House. Young pups will be captivated by the plucky pooch’s escapades, but by the time Christopher Lee arrives, any grown-ups will have sniffed out the exit.

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