The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland review

Okay, target audience stuff then. It's a Sesame Street movie, yeah? Elmo is the cute, red, ticklish one. You don't like? It wasn't made for you. You do? Then read on.

This first big-screen outing for America's favourite felt-coated, pre-school friends faces a challenge. How do you convert the fast-paced, multimedia style of the television show into something that works at the cinema for kids and adults. The answer is you slap on the irony.

Elmo accidentally loses his blanket in Oscar The Grouch's trash can, where it falls through a swirling vortex to Grouchland. A party of the Street's finest, plus a few guest stars, set off to get it back.

This is a film for the pre-school age group, and it doesn't try to be anything else. It has some great gags for grown-ups, but not enough to qualify for the tag of being "multi-levelled". Even so, Elmo happy.

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