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The Adventures of Darwin review

Monkeys become men in the most ironically primitive evolution action game we've ever played


  • Your squad of axe-swinging ape-men
  • The music...maybe
  • Uncovering new areas


  • Dated graphics
  • Lackluster level design
  • Stupid cave monkeys

How stupid is it that it took a scientist like Charles Darwin to come up with the ultra-common sense theory of Natural Selection? Was it really so tough to guess that, if you have an alligator with teeth and another alligator with no teeth, the first one is going to get the steak and have babies and the other is going to die? Unfortunately, it’s similarly tough to believe that The Adventures of Darwin, a squad-based action title that has you commanding a small army of monkeys trying to evolve into cavemen, is just now coming out – it’s not a horrid game, but it should have hit stores years ago.

More Info

DescriptionA cutesy, squad-based action game in which you command an army of monkeys trying to evolve into cavemen. It's harmless, but primitive.
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date25 June 2007 (US), 25 June 2007 (UK)