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The 43 Films That Changed Your Lives

As part of Film Club's ' Films That Changed My Life ' campaign, we asked our followers on Twitter which movie changed their lives.

The responses ranged from earnest and moving ( Schindler's List - It made me understand my grandparents' hardships just a little more) to downright weird ( Blade Runner - Since watching i've gone out and retired replicants or people who I think are replicants). Take a look below to see them all.

For those who aren't following us on Twitter, post your own in the comments below.


A Christmas Story, watched my dad watching the movie made me realize he did get it because he was a kid once too @morganglory

Casablanca taught me that sometimes there are more important things than your own personal happiness. @ashleighrajala

Schindler's List - because it made me understand my grandparents' hardships just a little more. Amazing a film can do that. @rebeccabass

Ghandi. The only time I went to the cinema with my mum. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Confucius @DavidHuntington

One of the movies that changed my life is Good Will Hunting. I have had to overcome to obstacles in my life so it inspires me @MyCatIsOnFire


Jaws changed my life, ever since I was a child have wanted to be a marine biologist. Have now travelled the world studying them! @ste_routledge (Based on some of Ste's other responses, we're not entirely sure we believe him - ed)

The Man Who Would Be King - money isn't as important as friendship, and Michael Caine is a brilliant actor!! @PoodleWrestler

Dead Poets Society taught me never to miss opportunities and i've since lived every moment as if it was my last! "CARPE DIEM" @becciepile

Crash by Paul Haggis changed the way I see things, I never rely on first impressions of people anymore, I get to know them first @wylthenemesis

An Inconvenient Truth made me cut down my flights, be more thoughtful about energy use and vote for The Green Party. @garytomwilliams

Swingers. Because I realized it was about me and decided to make some changes. @DVDsnapshot

"Kinsey" helped changed my perspective on love and freedom. @rzr

The Notebook. I've always felt like I should have been alive in the 30's-40's. That POWERFUL movie is like Imagned my love life. @code911

Forman's Amadeus as it taught me grief and made me grow-up and Slumdog as it gave me back hope. Couldnt choose only one. :) @Monicutza03449

The Life of David Gale, it's a remarkable story, it makes me believe they kill innocent people over the real killers in the US. @ eatcoastfilm

"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" made an indelible mark on me. Society's notion of mental is clearly a convenience solution. @xpqz

Fandango: taught me that when u are jealous, it's more dignified 2 be quiet and let others have the limelight, than 2 be selfish. @huwlangridge

I first saw Night Of The Living Dead on C4 when I was 9, it was the first time I realised that not everything has a happy ending. @_dangerous

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Amores Perros. Simply because after seeing it I wanted to be a filmmaker. Which is what I am doing... sort of. @williusfox

Children Of Men. Its themes and narrtive. And THAT tracking shot are what made me go into film making @ghovo

Aliens. Got stuck in Germany for a week when I was 12 and watched on repeat. The first film I ever loved and got me into film. @formulaic666

The Crow - at the age of 15, it made me realise i wanted to be in the movies: writing, directing etc. Now im on my way there. @EmoFlower

Peter Tscherkassky's Instructions for a Light & Sound Machine because until then I didn't know cinema could be so wonderful. @midnightmovies

Bambi, simply because it was the first film I ever saw. From that moment on I was hooked. @PymbleWizard

Coming To America because it made me fall in love with film @NafRas

Shaun of the Dead (and Spaced) as Edgar Wrights work here inspired me to make my own films. Not as funny though, makes me sad. @semiknockedout

Godard's Weekend - like swapping Hollywood's 9-5 conformity for a 48hr drink'n'drugs riot in the company of a deranged Frenchman @kinnemaniac

Speed - evil journalists in it put me off being one for years, now I'm an underpaid one, curse you Keanu Reeves! @destroytheearth

Apocalypse Now - Watched it repeatedly in college, wrote my MA dissertation on it and am now a sometime film hack thanks to it. @adamprincebilly

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The film that rocked 1977 and set itself up for numerous spoofs and homages. Yes, the one and only Smokey and The Bandit @bubbahotep32

Ferris Bueller. Do I need to explain? A character that manages to make Broderick uber-cool. There's a life template. @stu_hamilton

Nil By Mouth: coz it made me ache in every way possible @editoriale

The Breakfast Club: I was an 8 yr old wondering what a hot beef injection was, now an adult whose sarcam is influenced by Bender @SaraDeee

One Missed Call changed my life. After that dross I never wanted to see a crap "horror" film ever again! @AlGalpin

Blade Runner. since watching i've gone out and retired replicants or people who I think are replicants, keep making unicorns tho! @ste_routledge

Fellowship of the Ring - not only did it cement my undying love for cinema, it introduced me to the Bible, AKA Lord of the Rings. @stonecypher

The Matrix taught me that as sucky as my day-to-day office life may be it's possible that there might be a much worse alternative @peterlillie

Los amantes del circulo polar from Julio Medem.. i don't know why but i love it hahaha @Karamabel

The Big Lebowski. I had just moved to LA and it was the perfect "noir" setting. I have never heard dialogue like that, either. @fryeallen

Michael Clayton because it made me realise any idiot can make a film and get it released, crap or not. @EthanRunt

The film that changed my life is The Empire Strikes Back, from that magical point on I knew I was destined to be a Total Nerd! "sigh" @Tielzebob

Just Plain Wrong

I'd never considered killing as a hobby til I saw American Psycho. Thanks to that film I'm now knee deep in the blood of my foes. @imissdan

Let The Right One in turned me off 12 year old girls for life. HIYO! @lee_b

What movie changed your life? Let us know in the comments.

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