Tetris honored in Swedish and Minecraft animations

Ever since man discovered the ability to manipulate square-like objects and upload videos to YouTube, Tetris tributes have become as common to the Internet as talking cats, pop star wannabes, and guys getting hit in the junk. But like everything else that's been done to death online, there are still works of art that manage to rise above the pack, such as these two new Tetris animations straight from Sweden and the make-believe world of Minecraft.

The first stop motion short comes from the Linköping University's Visualization Center in Norrköping, Sweden. It uses over 1,500 Post-Its in its depiction of a typical Tetris game on the center's windows, however it's unclear if its creators have ever played a full game:

The next Tetris homage was created by the veteran Minecraft artists at MinecraftA2Z. It is a dead-on recreation of Tetris as it appeared on Nintendo's Game Boy, complete with opening screens, legal jargon, greenish hues and retro graphics:

MinecraftA2Z made game site headlines earlier this year with its Minecraft Pac-man animation. Check out the group's other video game inspired creations on their official website.

Sep 26, 2011

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